Obstetrics and Gynecology

The Women and Childbirth Clinic is distinguished by a highly trained and qualified medical team to provide comprehensive and integrated services for women. For all stages of age : especially adolescence  gynecological diseases that can affect girls of this age have become a major concern,  as it may later affect their reproductive health. In addition to helping you enjoy the feeling of motherhood through pregnancy follow-up programs, through consultations and specialists, we give unparalleled attention and care. 

Treated Cases

  • 1-Diagnosis and treatment of all gynecological diseases.
  • 2-Early detection of urine and cervical tumors.
  • 3-Outpatient services.
  • 4-Follow up the pregnancy.
  • 5-Repeated abortion.
  • 6-Polycystic ovaries.
  • 7-Fibroids.
  • 8-The migratory liner.
  • 9-Diagnosis and treatment of infertility cases.
  • 10-Hormonal disorders.
  • 11- Diagnosis and treatment of reproductive system problems.
  • 12-Treatment of postmenopausal period cases and hormonal replacement therapy.