Equipped with a pediatric surgery clinic to provide unique and specialized care for children. The goal is to provide an environment that is healthy, high-quality, and innovative. To provide comprehensive and caring treatment services through a medical team that consist of loving and compassionate group of specialists, doctors, and nurses who are all paying focused attention to children so they can enjoy excellent health.

Treated cases:

  • 1-The necessary and preventive vaccinations.
  • 2-All emergencies.
  • 3-Chest problems.
  • 4-Gastrointestinal diseases
  • 5-Skin diseases.
  • 6-Thyroid problems, Childhood diabetes and Developmental disorders.
  • 7-Heart diseases.
  • 8-Newborns and Infants.
  • 9-Neurological diseases and convulsions.
  • 10-Allergies of all kinds.
  • 11-Blood diseases.
  • 12-Urinary tract diseases and congenital malformations.