Medical Team

General Surgery

Dr.Abdelhamid Rawabhi

Medical Certificate, Faculty of Medicine, University of Oran, Algeria.

General Medicine

Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Nahdi.

Bachelors degree in Medicine and surgery from al faisal university.


Dr. Sana Al-Worfalli.

Bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Medicine in Tunisia.

Dental clinics

Dr.Turki Alharbi

Bachelor's degree in Dentisty from Qassim University.

Dental clinics

Dr. Abdullah Nasser Al-Qusair

Bachelor's degree in Oral and Dental Medicine from the University of Riyadh Al-Alam.

General Medicine

Dr Rashid Awan

General Medicine

Dental clinics

Dr.Geeth Prasad.T.S

Masters in prosthodontics and crown and bridge from india

General Medicine

Dr . Amar Mustafa Mohamed

Family Medicine specialist- Kirov Medical University